September 2020 Mariposa Winner: Cristal Otero Chavez

September 2, 2020 by Dylan Lewis

Nominated by: Cecilia Chavez

I feel Cristal is very deserving for this award. She does so much more than what people realize. She is an amazing lead and I know I can go to her for any support and guidance. She gets put under a lot of pressure and she is always able to get through it with a smile on her face. She is not one to ask for help and is very appreciate when it is given. She has amazing work ethic and I am glad to be working with her. 

Nominated by: Silvia Santana

I would like to nominate Cristal Otero for the Mariposa award. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Cristal for many years. She is incredibly knowledgeable in what she does and has been instrumental to the billing team. Anytime I have needed her assistance with patient accounts, billing questions, or just to show me where to find something, she has always been very willing to help. There was one time that it was after her clock out time and I needed help as I had the patient on the line and she said “It is never too late to help”. From sitting next to her, I have also heard how she explains the billing world to patients. She is kind and ensures she is explaining it in a way they understand (Insurance is confusing). In the past six months, she has walked me through the billing and adjustment process for our prenatal charges and answers any questions for me when I am in doubt. For these reasons and many more I might have missed, Cristal is my nomination for the Mariposa award.

Nominated by: Trista Rhoads

Cristal’s efforts on a daily basis is admirable. She never shines away from a challenge ( and we have had some recently) but accepts it gracefully, and on a daily basis she takes personal initiative to accomplish tasks. She always manages to be on top of her daily duties and is still able to train staff, without missing a beat. I can’t count how many times I have gone to Cristal with a question, and she would giggle (so infectious) and say “Of Course” or “Let’s take a look”; Cristal is always willing to help anyone who may be needing it, with a smile on her face. She makes team members or patients feel comfortable and at ease.  She is outstanding with the work she does, the relationships she builds and I am so blessed to have such an amazing person on the billing team.

Nominated by: Wendy Flottmeyer

Cristal has been with the billing department for almost 7 years.  She is one of the quickest, most intelligent women I have been around.  I can give her a project, and she figures out the how/why and when without much direction from me.  She works with Medicaid’s 3rd party audit on a monthly basis with determination and panache!  Our billing team shines on a monthly basis in large part because we have one stellar team member.  I want everyone else to know how lucky we are!

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