November 2019 Exemplary Care Award: Dr. Gail Mizner, Susan Orcutt, Nataly Meraz and Danyelle Rigli

November 5, 2019 by Happy Pixel Co

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winners of the November 2019 Exemplary Care Award are Dr. Gail Mizner, MD; Susan Orcutt, FNP; Nataly Meraz, RN; and Danyelle Rigli, Advocacy Coordinator and Executive Assistant to CEO Ross Brooks.

The team was nominated by Dr. Anneliese Heckert, DO, for going the extra mile to make sure a patient was as prepared as possible for a medical procedure.

Afterwards, Dr. Heckert reported the group effort effort was a success: “[The patient] is off to his biopsy tomorrow morning! I saw the patient this morning and he is truly appreciative of everyone’s care—and I’m pretty impressed with the level of teamwork everyone contributed!”

Also nominated were Dr. Connor Rivers, DMD; Dr. Casey Aguirre, DO; Natasha Ellwood, PA-C; Behavioral Health Provider Barbra “Barb” Corcoran, MSW, and Charlene “Charlie” Pariera, RDH.

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