Congratulations Nancy Soltero
By Jolene Singer

I would like to nominate Nancy Soltero, RN,CCS for Care Coordination. Nancy began her 13 year career with MFHC as an MA, in 2006 in Rifle and was promoted to Lead MA in 2008. She then went to nursing school and was then hired/promoted as a RN In 2012 in Rifle. Nancy joined Care Coordination as a Complex Care Specialist (CCS) in 2014. She has been essential in the development of the Care Coordination department and improving community collaboration partnerships in case management. In 2016 she was promoted to CCS Supervisor and is growing as a new leader at MFHC. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Nancy since 2012. She is dedicated to MFHC and the populations we serve. Nancy works with kindness, care and compassion to assess and provide support to some of our most complex clients at MFHC. Nancy has gained confidence in her new leadership role and leads her team with patience and knowledge assisting them to improve client health engagement and understanding. Nancy has proven her commitment at MFHC and has grown as an important leader at MFHC in her career.

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