As MFHC charters new territory with growth and expansion as well as a new policy environment, our commitment to the culture, our team and our patients become even more important.  The executive team recognizes this and has started on a growth, self-development and leadership development journey.  Knowing that if we are learning, growing and being effective leaders that not only does it improve our outcomes but it also empowers the entire organization to learn and grow.  Last July the executive team met for a day to learn about and work on both our collective and individual emotional intelligence. The team members set development goals and I hope that many of you have seen their efforts.  In early February, executive team members began to take our growth deeper by engaging an in depth 360 review procedure. Team members evaluated themselves and asked their bosses, direct reports, peers and other stakeholders to evaluate their performance.  Team members have each made commitments to grow based on the informative feedback received from many of you. We will spend the next several months (and beyond) engaged in meeting these development goals.    We are committed to our individual and collective improvement as leaders in order to serve you and our patients better and ensure we are fostering a healthy, inclusive and empowered organization. We may be reaching out to many of you for feedback on our progress and we welcome your input at any time.
Renelle Darr, MBA, PCC is a seasoned leader with expertise in emotional intelligence, executive coaching, change transformation. Her successful approach is based in emotional intelligence which is a top indicator of leadership effectiveness.
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