Leadership Announcements: Chief Medical Team and Chief Workforce Officer

March 1, 2019 by Happy Pixel Co

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Please join Mountain Family Health Centers (MFHC) in sharing congratulations and gratitude for the following leadership changes:

1. Chief Medical Team (CMT): Jenny Lang, FNP; Anneliese Heckert, DO; and Matt Percy, MD. Jenny, Matt, and Anneliese have been leading the organization as Site Medical Directors for several years and have been sharing the Chief Medical Officer role and responsibilities since mid-2018.  Matt, Jenny, and Anneliese have formed an effective partnership providing strategic and compassionate leadership for MFHC’s patients, care teams, communities, and organization.  It’s an honor to have these three unique, and extraordinary, leaders as part of the MFHC leadership team. The Chief Medical Team members will continue to be an equal voice and vote at the MFHC Strategy Team table as we co-author the strategic vision for our organization.  The MFHC Strategy Team consists of Jenny Lang, Matt Percy, Anneliese Heckert, Scott Owens, Chief Workforce Officer (see below), Art Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Annette Franta, Chief Financial Officer, and Ross Brooks, CEO.

Specific duties for each of the Chief Medical Team members include:

Jenny Lang, Chief Medical Team: Glenwood Springs Site Medical Director; Edwards Site Medical Director (until Dr. Zachary Kent fills the position summer 2019); Director of School-Based Health; Director of Title X Programs; Provider Leadership Committee Chair; Farmacy Director; and many other talents and duties.

Anneliese Heckert, Chief Medical Team: Basalt Site Medical Director; Director of Integrated Care, including leading MFHC Behavioral Health and Care Coordination Teams; Team-Based Care Provider Champion, and many other talents and duties.

Matt Percy; Chief Medical Team: Rifle Site Medical Director; Director of Clinical Staff; Quality Improvement Medical Director; Compliance oversight; Strategic Data and IT Champion; EHR Steering Committee Champion, and many other talents and duties.

 2. Chief Workforce Officer (CWO): Scott Owens, SPHR, has been leading Mountain Family Health Centers as HR Director for several years and has elevated the fourth aim of MFHC’s strategic plan: to have an empowered and engaged workforce. Scott has led the implementation of MFHC’s Index of Well-being, monthly supervisor trainings, consistent employee-supervisor one-on-ones, cultural depth, employee well-being program, bi-annual employee engagement program, Star Cards, equitable compensation values, and has many other talents and duties. Scott will continue to be an equal voice and vote at the MFHC Strategy Team table as we co-author the strategic vision for our organization.

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