July 2019 Exemplary Care Award: Diane Purse

July 2, 2019 by Happy Pixel Co

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winner of the July 2019 Exemplary Care Award is Family Nurse Practitioner Diane Purse. Diane sees patients at our Edwards Integrated Health Center. Diane was nominated by Jenny Lang, FNP and Glenwood Springs & Edwards Site Medical Director. (Jenny is also Director of School Based Health, Director of Title X Programs, Provider Leadership Committee Chair, and Farmacy Director.)

“I would like to nominate Diane Purse. Diane brings incredible experience to Mountain Family and is always willing to share her knowledge with all providers… But Diane’s greatest gifts are those that she brings to the Vail Valley (Eagle River Valley) community.

“Whenever there is a crisis that involves children in the Valley, Diane is aware and is actively seeking solutions. When there was an increase in suicidal attempts and suicides, Diane attended the meetings, met with the patients and families in support and to find necessary treatment. She identified that there was not a child psychiatric provider in the valley, so she sought classes to start to provide this care.

“There is a tremendous delay in children receiving testing for autism at Children’s hospital, a 12 to 18-month delay. This can result in the child not getting necessary services that can impact the child’s ability to learn essential developmental skills. Diane actively sought to gain the knowledge to do the testing when Children’s Hospital Colorado offered a training program. She was a shining student, of course, and did the most evaluations during the training. She now has been asked to continue to develop her skills with the autism program.

“We are incredibly lucky to have Diane on the team. I feel honored to work with her every day.” – Jenny Lang, FNP, Glenwood Springs & Edwards Site Medical Director, Director of School Based Health, Director of Title X Programs, Provider Leadership Committee Chair, and Farmacy Director.

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