Grand Opening for Our New Basalt Integrated Health Center

January 8, 2019 by Happy Pixel Co

By Garry Schalla, Development Director

Mountain Family Health Centers celebrated the grand opening of our new Basalt Integrated Health Center on Monday. Joined by partner organizations and supporters, our leadership and staff cut a ceremonial ribbon and officially welcomed the community to our newest location with medical, dental, and behavioral health services offered under one roof. The Basalt Integrated Health Center will allow Mountain Family to significantly increase the number of patients receiving care in the Roaring Fork Valley, from 2,200 to 3,700.

“I am thrilled to see this wonderful addition to our community,” said Mountain Family Board Chair Jon Fox-Rubin during opening remarks. “Our family, friends and neighbors, regardless of their income or insurance status, will now have access to fully integrated medical, behavioral and dental services in one health care home. Thank you to all our partners, my fellow Board members and Mountain Family staff for making this vision a reality.”

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Essential partners for the Basalt Integrated Health Center are Aspen Valley Hospital, Pitkin County, The Colorado Health Foundation, the Colorado Health Access Fund with The Denver Foundation, the Gates Family Foundation, the Caring for Community Fund (Aspen Skiing Company), the Alpenglow Foundation, the Caring for Colorado Foundation, and Eagle County. Support from a variety of organizations and governments are critical for funding the new location, including the Betty Jane Schuss Fund at the Aspen Community Foundation, Robert Pew, The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), the Town of Snowmass Village, the Aspen Thrift Shop, as well as our crucial individual donors.

“One of the ways Aspen Skiing Company has supported the Basalt Integrated Health Center is through our Caring for Community Fund,” said Mike Kaplan, Aspen Skiing Company CEO. Ski Co employees donate to the fund and decide how to distribute funding, with Ski Co matching contributions on a 2:1 basis.

“I am happy to announce Mountain Family has met the challenge,” continued Mike on Monday, “raising more than $100,000 in matching funding for the Building Health for All campaign.” More than $13,000 was raised on Colorado Gives Day last month to help meet that goal. The matching grant made for the Building Health for All campaign for the Basalt Integrated Health Center is the largest grant made to date for the Caring for Community Fund.

Mountain Family is in the final fundraising effort for new Basalt Integrated Health Center and will be raising $2.2 million in the coming months. To join the Basalt capital campaign please contact Development Director Garry Schalla at or 970-945-2840 x7290 (office) or (970) 318-8018 (cell).


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