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Your bequest to Mountain Family can be your lasting mark, funding buildings and equipment that improve the lives of hundreds — even thousands — for decades to come. We call our legacy giving program the Doc Holliday Society, recalling a certain past resident whose name lives on in these parts. Legacy giving is a worthy way to make an enduring impact on the place and people you love.

You can ensure your continuing legacy by remembering Mountain Family in your will or trust, or as a beneficiary for retirement funds or life insurance.

We stand ready to help direct your generous gift wherever you would most like it to go, and to detail ways that you’ll be honored for it. Whether you’d prefer to contribute to a capital campaign for a new clinic, or to buy much-needed equipment, or to improve access to health care for the needy, we can lay out a number of extremely deserving options.

While we think of legacy gifts in terms of large numbers, you needn’t be wealthy to make a big difference. $5,000 can buy an eye-testing machine or make a meaningful contribution to a new clinic.

Anything you can do will be deeply appreciated for a long time to come.


A bequest can take several forms, depending on your needs.

  1. At the simple end of the scale, you could simply leave a gift to Mountain Family Health Centers in your will.
  2. In order to avoid probate, you could also name us as a beneficiary for a bank account, retirement account or life insurance policy, which is usually as simple as filling in the “beneficiary” lines on your account registration form.
  3. If larger sums or complex needs are involved, we can help you work with financial institutions to set up a more advanced solution such as a charitable remainder trust or life income trust, which pays you income for life and then passes at death to Mountain Family and any other beneficiaries you name.


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To provide high quality, integrated primary medical, behavioral, and dental health care in the communities we serve, with special consideration for the medically underserved, regardless of ability to pay.

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