Congratulations Mariposa Winner Nicole VanGinkel

The mariposa winner for March is Nicole VanGinkel.  She was nominated by three individuals and here is what they said about her.

Nominee- Nicole VanGinkel

Nominated by: Nataly Meraz 

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Nicole VanGinkel for the March Mariposa award. Nicole began her employment with Mountain Family Health Centers 6 years ago and has since then demonstrated a high degree of loyalty, commitment and dedication to our organization, her co-workers, and most importantly her patients. As I continue to transition into my new leadership role, Nicole has been there to offer support, share ideas, and work together to improve the Basalt clinic team. In the last few months I have seen her continue to develop her leadership abilities by using her expertise to help train a new team of staff, allowing them to shadow, patiently answering questions and lend her experience to allow for our new employees to embrace our mission and utilize best practices for providing patient care. She constantly seeks out training opportunities to further her clinical skills and knowledge, and strives to make mountain family a great place to work.

Nominated by: Sara Jacobs 

I’d like to nominate Nicole Van Ginkel for the Mariposa award. Since before I came to MFHC, Nicole has been a constant in the Basalt clinic amid many changes and challenges. Her calm presence and obvious dedication pulls our team together and makes the clinic a wonderful place to work. I’ve seen her provide the same skillful, kind, respectful service to all patients, even those who are “difficult”. She is always ready to answer my questions with a smile, and she does the same for our new employees daily. Nicole deserves this award as an acknowledgement of all she has given to Mt. Family and our patients.

Nominated by Jenny Lang 

I would like to nominate Nicole VanGinkel for the March Mariposa Award. I feel that Nicole is the most deserving of this recognition. Not only is she the longest employee at the Basalt clinic, but her dedication to the mission of MFHC of providing health care to all is unparalleled. Daily she facilitates

patient flow to be seamless for the Basalt providers. She supports the MA team by mentoring each of them individually and as a group.

She has grown tremendously during her time with MFHC, both professionally and personally. She began as a medical assistant and quickly assumed the role of the lead medical assistant for the Basalt clinic. Recently she has sought opportunities to further develop her leadership skills. With this new training, she has been able to bring new dimension to the Basalt team. I am proud of the personal development that Nicole has independently undertaken. She is an incredible asset to the Basalt clinic and to MFHC.

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