Mountain Family Health Centers is testing those with symptoms for the Novel Coronavirus 2019. Testing is by appointment only at our Glenwood Springs, Basalt, and Rifle locations. Symptomatic individuals may also call Mountain Family to schedule a telehealth appointment to assess symptoms and to determine appropriate action. Those with primary care providers outside of Mountain Family Health Centers should obtain a referral from one’s health care provider after it has been determined that the symptoms are suspected to be COVID-19.  Telehealth and in-person appointments may be made by calling Mountain Family at 970-945-2840.


Roaring Fork Schools and Mountain Family Health Centers are pleased to announce their new partnership for the operation of five school-based health centers (“SBHCs”) in the district beginning this fall. The partnership includes current SBHCs located at Basalt Elementary, Middle, and High Schools; Roaring Fork High School (Carbondale); and a new health center to be opened at Glenwood Springs High School.

“We want every student to have access to affordable, comprehensive, integrated health care services, regardless of their legal status, family circumstance, place of residence, or economic means,” said Superintendent Rob Stein of the Roaring Fork School District. “Offering health services in school where our students spend most of their time is a convenient and safe means of removing barriers to access and ensuring our students receive the care they need to be healthy and successful in school and life.”

At each school-based health center, Mountain Family will provide affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health services, along with assistance in applying for health insurance and financial assistance programs. Students attending a school that does not have an SBHC are welcome to access this care at the SBHC in their community.

After a community-based process to define this vision for student health, Roaring Fork Schools contracted with Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care to conduct a community health needs assessment during the 2018-19 school year and found there was a major gap in health services in Glenwood Springs, a need for increasing access to care for adolescents, and the need for coordination of health services across the district.   

Roaring Fork Schools then met with potential medical sponsors for the SBHCs to determine their capacity and interest in taking on this work. The consensus was Mountain Family Health Centers is the best fit to operate the existing and new SBHCs.

“Mountain Family Health Centers has strong roots in our communities and is already the health care home for 21,000 people across Garfield, Eagle, and Pitkin Counties, many of whom are our families” said Stein. “They also have a proven track record of operating school-based clinics with medical, dental, and behavioral providers.”

Mountain Family Health Centers has received funding from The Colorado Health Foundation, Delta Dental Community Care Foundation, Garfield County, City of Glenwood Springs, and others to support capital and operating costs for the Glenwood Springs SBHC. Funds for the other SBHCs also come from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and additional state and local funders.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Roaring Fork Schools to expand access to affordable healthcare for students throughout the Roaring Fork Valley,” said Mountain Family CEO Ross Brooks. “School-based health centers are a proven means of improving health and educational outcomes.”

Jenny Lang, Family Nurse Practitioner and Director of School Based Health at Mountain Family, added “Our providers are so enthusiastic to care for students at their schools in Basalt, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs, in addition to the school-based care we provide in Avon, Colorado.”

Mountain Family Health Centers continues to provide safe, in-clinic and telehealth medical, behavioral, and dental care at convenient locations across the region. Mountain Family can also help families who may have lost their employment or insurance coverage to apply for Medicaid, federally subsidized commercial insurance, or financial assistance programs.

To schedule an appointment, call Mountain Family at 970-945-2840. 

For more information on Roaring Fork Schools, visit www.roaringforkschools.com. For more information on Mountain Family Health Centers, visit www.mountainfamily.org.



“I’d like to nominate Jessi Pinnock for the Exemplary Care Award.  She saw one of my patients in early March, a 60 year old woman with very little significant past medical history who presented with a severe cough (retrospectively she likely had COVID). She caught an abnormal pulse rate, did an EKG and found an abnormal atrial rhythm.  She sent the patient to the ER where she was found to be in A.fib and was subsequently cardioverted. The patient is now doing very well and expressed gratitude for the care she has received at Mountain Family. I really believe Jessi saved her life by catching A.fib that day. The chest symptoms and fatigue she was having could have easily been attributed to her acute illness. I am so glad Jessi joined our team in Basalt; we are lucky to have her!” -Emily Borkovec, PA-C


Nominated by: Jackie Marshall

I feel that anyone who can spend one day working beside this young lady would see what a pleasure and asset she is to Mountain Family Health Centers. She joined Mountain Family, several years ago, kind of the unseen hero with the many roles and hats she wears leading her into being a true Mariposa example. You can always find her with a smile, she doesn’t say no to any request and works to improve the lives of our patients and employees. No matter the task, she is willing to help.

I’ve seen a lot of growth in Alejandra, she has developed some great leadership skills and mentors her staff with poise and confidence.

For these reasons and many more, I believe Alejandra should be the Mariposa Award Winner.

Nominated by: Marija Weeden

Alejandra was new to her role when I started here in the fall, so while she wasn’t new to the organization, we largely had to learn her role together. Alejandra has demonstrated a great ability to hold the Call Center and Health Information teams to a high standard, while also seeking ways to encourage team work, and she has rolled with all sorts of changes to the way that things are structured. She has provided steady leadership to the teams from continuing to keep teams in line with the uninsured call-back list protocol to implementing workflow changes on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis in COVID. We’ve had to experiment with brand new things, like implementing a new process for new patient paperwork and new scheduling processes, and while these have taken her out of her comfort zone, she has engaged in making sure that the new processes work, championing the ones that work and helping improve the ones that didn’t go so smoothly. As I’ve started my career at Mountain Family, Alejandra has been a daily embodiment of the MFCH values and mission and I’m grateful to work with her on a daily basis.


by Annette Franta, CFO

There are few individuals in the workforce today who have dedicated 20 years to a single organization, and not just in the designated 40 hour work week.  Leslie Garner has selflessly given her time and talents to Mountain Family Health Centers since 1999 when the doors were open for the first time to the communities surrounding Glenwood Springs.  As the bilingual office manager, Leslie coordinated the front desk and scheduling functions in Glenwood Springs for the first eight years of her career with MFHC.  During that time she was responsible for giving opportunities to many young women who started their first job in the medical field at the MFHC front desk in Glenwood Springs.  In those days, the front desk function included not only checking patients in and out of their appointments, but also answering all incoming phone calls, medical records management, financial screening, scheduling appointments and follow-ups as needed.  Dare I leave out, also dealing with any patient complaint that came via phone or front desk.

Over the years, as the complexities of HIPAA and confidentiality requirements came into play and the clinic grew into three, then four clinics in the Garfield, Pitkin, and Eagle Counties, these functions broke into individual departments at Mountain Family Health Centers, and Leslie’s skills were found to be better utilized by managing the safety and security of our facilities.  As MFHC grew, Leslie’s office was moved from Glenwood Springs, to Rifle, and back to West Glenwood Springs and in various locations within each facility as the clinical needs grew.  Each move was met with Leslie’s response of “whatever works best for the organization.”  That phrase exemplifies Leslie’s spirit of cooperation and respect.

Leslie’s dedication and commitment to MFHC often goes unnoticed as she responds to security calls after hours at ALL of our facilities over the years (even Black Hawk and Nederland when they were still open), from an alarm set off, to toilet back-ups and delivery mishaps at each of the facilities.  Her home and private phone numbers are shared with many staff and venders at MFHC and even used during her vacation and scheduled days off.  In her role as the Facilities Manager, Leslie has expanded our resources and sophistication in the areas of safety, security and emergency preparedness.  I can always count on Leslie to respond and find a solution to any issue with which she is confronted.

Through all of my professional interactions with Leslie, one of the things I appreciate most about her is her ability to share a concern, work with me to find a solution, and move on.  I don’t have to worry about something in the past affecting her ability to make good decisions in the future.  I also so very much respect the bond and commitments she has to her family.  Through the years I’ve known her, Leslie’s number one commitment is to her family; children, parents, siblings, in-laws and now first and foremost grandchildren.  They are the apple of her eye, and if you haven’t ever seen that twinkle, just ask her about her grandkids. 

Thank you Leslie for your twenty year commitment to MFHC, our patients and staff.  You represent our six principles on a daily basis, and make it easier for me to do my job every day, as I know you silently do for many others as well.


by Jan Jennings, Development Director

Mountain Family Health Centers wishes to celebrate our federal, state, and local partners along with generous individuals who have made gifts during this exceptional time with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every gift has made a difference. Grants and donations are helping Mountain Family address a variety of evolving needs related to COVID-19, from acquiring more Personal Protective Equipment to increasing our medical and mental health telehealth visits, to increasing our pro-active outreach to our patients by telephone and in our clinics. 

We are deeply grateful to have received funding from a variety of sources. The SBA Paycheck Protection Program and the CARES Act stimulus package have made a vital impact on our ability to continue serving 21,000 patients. We salute two funds and philanthropists from the Aspen Community Foundation that have made significant grants, including the 2020 Rescue Fund and the Marx Family Advised Fund. We have received a gift from the City of Glenwood Springs to support a new School-Based Health Center which will open in Glenwood Springs this coming fall. Generous grants have been made by The Colorado Health Foundation Relief Fund, Caring for Colorado, the Colorado COVID Relief Fund, the Direct Relief – COVID-19 Response Fund for Community Health, the United Health Foundation, the El Pomar Foundation, and the Colorado Hospital Association. We are also deeply grateful to the numerous individuals, families, and patients who responded to our online appeal featuring MFHC Family Nurse Practitioner Jenny Lang and one of her patients. 

Investing in Mountain Family through a gift goes a long way to help us care for over 21,000 patients in Pitkin, Eagle, and Garfield counties. Join many who have made a significant difference for us by making a gift here

The health of our communities and taking care of all patients, regardless of ability to pay, is our number one priority. We are so thankful for your continuing support and generosity.


Dear Friends,

Here at Mountain Family we want you to know that if you’ve lost employment or health insurance, we are here for you. COVID-19 has forced many local employers in Garfield, Eagle, and Pitkin Counties to furlough or layoff staff as local economies have been decimated. Thousands of individuals have lost employment or their primary source of income over the past two months. If you’ve been laid off, furloughed, or seen a significant reduction in your primary source of income, you may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance coverage or federal subsidies for commercial health insurance coverage. You may also call us to speak with one of our Outreach and Enrollment specialists about applying for Colorado Medicaid coverage or commercial health insurance coverage

As local communities start to reopen slowly and safely, Mountain Family Health Centers will continue to provide both telehealth and safe, in-clinic, medical, behavioral, and dental care at convenient locations across Garfield, Eagle, and Pitkin Counties. 

Also know that Mountain Family Health Centers has begun testing those with symptoms for the Novel Coronavirus 2019. Testing is by appointment only and conducted in the parking lot of the Glenwood Springs clinic. Symptomatic individuals may also call Mountain Family to schedule a telehealth appointment to assess symptoms and to determine appropriate action. Those with primary care providers outside of Mountain Family Health Centers should obtain a referral from one’s health care provider after it has been determined that the symptoms are suspected to be COVID-19. 

To make a telehealth appointment or in-clinic medical, behavioral, or dental appointment at Mountain Family, call us at 970-945-2840. To learn more about telehealth care, visit us online at: www.mountainfamily.org/telehealth/. For our locations and hours of operation, visit: https://www.mountainfamily.org/find-a-clinic/. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,
Ross Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, Patient

June 2, 2020

As a community health center, Mountain Family traces our origins to the civil rights and social justice movements of the 1960s.  Internationally, community health centers were birthed in large part to tackle systemic racial and ethnic health disparities hard coded into the global healthcare practices.

As the United States, Colorado, and our local communities reel from the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and historic discrimination against people of color, Mountain Family Health Centers stands as an advocate for affordable healthcare access to all.  We believe access to healthcare is a basic human right. We are committed to treating every person with dignity and care, regardless of the color of their skin, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, insurance status or income level.

Every day at Mountain Family, we see the heartbreaking impacts of historical racism and discrimination against people of color.  In Garfield, Eagle, and Pitkin Counties, the Hispanic population faces significant health disparities, including higher rates of diabetes, infant mortality, mental health issues, and higher rates of un-insurance.   

We’re committed to changing these health and economic disparities by working towards improving health outcomes and affordable healthcare access in partnership with patients and our local communities.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen some encouraging trends, as MFHC patients’ diabetic outcomes, early entry into prenatal care, and access to behavioral healthcare services continues to improve.

As an organization, we intentionally elevate leaders from the communities we serve.  Today, more than 60% of the Mountain Family Health Centers Board of Directors are active patients of MFHC and half of our Board is led by local Hispanic leaders.  Many MFHC staff are bi-lingual in both Spanish and English and we’re committed to continually improving our approach to providing culturally competent care.

Please join us in standing for access to healthcare as a human right and calling for an end to systemic racism in our nation.  If you’re struggling to afford health insurance or access to affordable healthcare, please visit us online at: https://www.mountainfamily.org/affordability-options/ or call us at 970-945-2840 to schedule an appointment with our medical, dental, and/or behavioral healthcare teams.

For more information from our partners on racism as a public health issue and what we can learn from George Floyd’s death, visit the resources listed below.

Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN): Racism is a Public Health Issue.

The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF): What George Floyd’s Death Can Teach Funders.

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC): Statement Regarding the Killing of George Floyd.

In solidarity,

Monica Perez-Rhodes, MFHC Board Chair

Ross Brooks, MFHC CEO, Patient


This month’s award goes to Dr. Chris Tonozzi

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris Tonozzi for the past 20 years, and I want to nominate Dr. Chris Tonozzi for the Exemplary Care Award. He recently had a patient that tested positive for HIV. I was so impressed how he handled this very sensitive diagnosis. He first called the patient and I could hear in his voice great kindness and concern. He later that day had the patient come to the clinic. Chris first saw the patient and then had every department ready to meet with the patient. A stream of people went through the room from behavioral health to care coordination giving great resources and care to the patient. Watching this incredible orchestrated care made me proud to be part of MFHC and a colleague of Dr. Chris Tonozzi.” -Jenny Lang, FNP, Chief Medical Team


This month’s award goes to Veronica (Roni) Morales

“Roni has shown extraordinary resiliency in a time where things are changing rapidly in Care Coordination and all of our clinics. She is working tirelessly as the default go to leader for the day to day tasks of the Care Coordination Team (CCT). She didn’t hesitate to asses the complex problems that have been ongoing with workflows, contracts with outside companies, and integrations with clinical teams, but instead has leaned in to figure out what improvements we can make as Care Coordination turns the page into a new era. I appreciate her diligence and communication, and am grateful for her friendship in such a potentially nerve-wracking time. Thank you for all you do Roni!” – Dr. Anneliese Heckert

“I believe that Roni is the most deserving person for this award. Roni is very hard working and is an extremely dedicated supervisor. Roni always goes above and beyond for patients, co-workers and loved ones, even with nothing in return. Since joining MF, Roni has been nothing but supportive and an amazing leader. Roni does not shy away from advocating for what is right and what is moral. Roni always speaks up and speaks her mind, and this trait is what makes her such a unique supervisor and person. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and good vibes! I have learned so much from Roni in just a few months and her leadership makes for a great, happy work environment. I could not have asked for a better supervisor.” -Melisa Sanchez

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