Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes representatives from each community. Members are selected based on the unique skills and backgrounds they contribute to the mission of Mountain Family Health Centers. Over half the Board members use Mountain Family for their healthcare!The Board has a broad range of responsibilities, including:

    • Ensuring the health centers meet the special healthcare needs of each community.
    • Overseeing the programs of the administrative and clinical staff.
    • Ensuring the organization remains financially sound.
    • Demanding compliance with all government and foundation requirements and laws.
    • Developing the organization’s strategic plan.
    • Ensuring the delivery of high quality healthcare.

Rob Stein, PhD – Chair
Date Joined: 12/2013
Term Exp: 12/2016
Occupation: Education Superintendent RE-1

Jon Fox Rubin – Vice Chair
Date Joined: 12/2014
Term Exp.: 12/2017
Occupation: ED of Manaus Fund

Richard Gonzales – Secretary
Date Joined: 3/2016
Term Exp: 3/2019
Occupation: General Counsel – Colorado Mountain College

Monica Perez Rhodes – Treasurer
Date Joined 12/2013
Term Exp: 12/2016
Occupation: Controller Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Tom Boas
Date Joined: 3/2011
Term Exp: 6/2019
Occupation: Business Owner

Karyn ReNae Anderson
Date Joined: 3/2014
Term Exp: 6/2017
Occupation: Enrichment Leader Vail Valley

Haidith Ramirez
Date Joined: 2/2017
Term Exp: 2/2020
Occupation: Program Director of Roaring Fork School Centers

Kelly Staight
Date Joined: 10/2015
Term Exp.: 10/2018
Occupation: Controller at Vail Valley Medical Center

Namrata Shrestha
Date Joined: 2/2017
Term Exp: 2/2020
Occupation: WMRHA

Trish Kramer
Date Joined: 2/2017
Term Exp: 2/2020
Occupation: Nurse Home Visitor, Family Visitor Program

Jerry Evans, PhD – Ex Officio Member
Date Joined: 01/2008
Term Exp: 6/2014
Occupation: Clinical Psychology

If you wish to apply for Board membership, please write a letter stating your interest to Mountain Family Health Centers, Board President, 1905 Blake Ave., Suite 101, Glenwood Springs, CO. 81601.