Exemplary Care Award Winner Sept. 2021- Kelly Ketzenbarger, RN


She saw a complex care patient with me who was just released from the hospital where he was treated for multiple chronic conditions. He was found to have chronic bilateral foot wounds which were dressed at the hospital two days prior and was referred to the wound clinic but had yet to go. He was […]


Due to Melissa’s attention to detail and follow-through, she likely saved a baby’s life and saved a mom from a significant complication.  Melissa was caring for a pregnant mom who was at 29 weeks and noted that the patient was developing swelling, and her blood pressure had increased.  While it is much less common, pre-eclampsia can […]


Nominated by Barb Corcoran: Cristina really struggled with caring for a patient that seemed to be having a panic/anxiety attack, which then turned into a seizure, paramedics were called.    Cristina continues to work with this patient, provide excellent care and is getting her hooked up with services to help her live a healthier, fuller life […]


“I would like to nominate Noreen for the Exemplary Provider award.  Her assessments of patients are thorough, thoughtful and professional.  I just recently had a patient go through a very, very difficult medication change for bipolar disorder with a lot of terrible side effects, lethargy, confusion.  Noreen walked beside this patient, calling them, checking in, […]


Corrinne Johnson, PAC | Audrey Fisher, DDS | Kendra Nagey, CPNP “Today Corrinne Johnson squeezed our two year old daughter in to complete an urgent acute care appointment. Sloan had bitten through her tongue and lip the night prior. Her father and I were very worried her tongue would not be ok. Corrinne gathered the […]


“I saw a patient on Monday who told me a story about her daughter who had a baby a month ago. The woman had to have a c section due to complications during labor. She went home as usual a few days later. Within the week of discharge from the hospital, however, the woman began […]


I want to recognize the hard work that the testing teams have been doing since the start of COVID testing at MFHC. Come rain snow sun or clouds each team has put up with a lot, adapted, and carried on without complaint. I want to recognize Yunira in Basalt this week who along with Marija […]


From Cathy Lettice :  I would like to nominate Deb Burns, she is just fantastic.  She goes above and beyond for every patient.  She gives each pt the time and attention they need.  She thinks outside the box and looks at everyone holistically.  I can only speak for what I do here in Avon in […]


Nominated by: Diane Purse  I am happy to nominate Zachary Kent for the Exemplary Care Award. His first year has had many challenges that he has met with organized and well thought out plans. His leadership during the COVID crisis has been reassuring that we were working in a safe environment. He shared information from […]

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